Review of ATM (2012)

7 Sep

ATM (2012) is a horror/thriller/mystery film, which mostly takes place in an ATM booth on a parking lot.

Directed by David Brooks (Gone (2009 Short)).

Written by Chris Sparling (Buried (2010), An Uzi at the Alamo (2005)).

Starring: Brian Geraghty, Josh Peck, Alice Eve, Aaron Hughes and others.

So we’re following this guy, who works as some kind of bank-cubicle-call-answer person. His really douchebaggy co-worker convinces him to come to this office christmas party. He comes to the party and offers a ride home to some chick that he really likes. But the douchy cock-blocker of a friend tags along, because he was his ride too.

The douchebag is played by Josh Peck, who was the fat kid on that shitty kids show Drake & Josh. He has lost some weight, but still speaks like he’s 15, which gets annoying pretty damn soon. The fatty MacDouche wants to eat so they stop to get some cash from an ATM. Voila! The title. I imagine that’s how this movie got made, they picked a genre, someone said ATM, someone had seen Frozen recently and we’re done. Thankfully, Josh & Drake’s acting gets better as the movie goes on.

From the ATM booth they see someone waiting for them outside. They decide to wait him out, but after the guy beats the shit out of some random guy, they become somewhat unnerved. That’s the whole concept. They’re stuck in an ATM booth, with no heat in the winter, while a killer is standing right outside.

At one point they think the guy has gone away, but you know that’s not true since it’s only halfway into the movie. The movie is pretty fast-paced, which is good, because if a movie like this drags it really drags, because we have this half-baked concept set in one location. The whole movie is basically a build-up of who the killer is and what he wants, so the ending is what either makes it or breaks it.

And, guess what, the ending breaks it. The deal with the ending is that the whole movie there’s just questions and so you’d want to have most of them answered, the movie does answer some, but even those are so incredibly implausible, that except for the reasoning behind why the killer didn’t enter the booth, it makes like no sense, unless the killer has the ability to calculate exactly how ineffective technology is.

Overall, the premise and build-up is pretty decent and I was mostly entertained throughout, but the whole conclusion and pay-off is completely idiotic. If you like some cheap thrills, give it a try, but you’re better off staying away. Not Recommended.

“Hey guys, am I the only one that thinks this is a great porno setup?”
“Yes, Emily, you’re the only one.”

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