Review of Cop Out (2010)

4 Nov

Cop Out (2010) is a buddy cop comedy/action film.

Directed by Kevin Smith (Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001), Chasing Amy (1997)) and this is his first feature film, he didn’t write.

Written by Mark Cullen (Las Vegas (2003 TV), Manchild (2007 short)) and Robb Cullen (Heist (2006), Gary the Rat (2003 TV)).

Starring: Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan, Juan Carlos Hernandez, Kevin Pollak, Adam Brody, Rashida Jones and others.

Since I reviewed another Kevin Smith’s movie recently, I don’t want go into my opinions on him anymore, but this proves my point in that his movies lack any sort of directorial stamp, even though Kevin Smith said this isn’t his movie, he was just hired to do it. The only thing that makes it seem like his work is the writing and the fact that he didn’t write it makes it kind of weird that the writers  have a style that similar. And packing the first five minutes full of movie references only makes them get old really early on. And I guess they were so overcome by blasting out movie jokes, that they forgot that at some point they will need to come up with an interesting story. Talking about jokes, there was one breaking-the-fourth-wall in-joke that was funny.

I understand this is an addition to the narrow sub-genre of buddy cop comedies made very popular in the 80’s, but the problem is that it adds nothing new to the formula. There’s still a straight man and a wacky character, troubles in their personal lives, they’re of different races and/or age groups and so on.

This kind of movies are usually carried mostly by the wacky character, what we get here is the „hilarious” antics of Tracy Morgan. I’m really not a fan of his. And this movie contributed a lot of additional dislike in his direction. He offers us this totally idiotic character blasting away with juvenile jokes, moronic overreactions and bad line deliveries. I don’t know if I’m the only one with this problem, but I often find it hard to understand what he’s saying, I don’t know any other actor who’s diction is so bad. I wouldn’t want to ever be facing him while he’s talking, he’d probably glaze my face in saliva. All jokes aside, he’s not funny or a good actor, why the hell is he so succesful.

Bruce Willis is kind of ok as the straight man, but he looks really sad to be in this movie. Although seeing him in comedies is nothing new and he usually brings a sense of fun, here he looks like he’s depressed about his action star career fading away, but I guess he just had some disagreements with Smith. Sean William Scott is the funniest thing about the movie, too bad he’s in it so shortly. Rashida Jones is as always hot.

I didn’t hate the movie, but it suffers from being terribly clichéd, bad pacing and Tracy Morgan. It’s watchable, but if you have the choice, I recommend choosing the other, more original buddy cop comedy of the same year – The Other Guys.

"Hello, I'm Tracy Morgan, have I told you about the time I stabbed a couple of homosexuals?"

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